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Another Interprovincial Crossings Study Begins

posted Nov 5, 2020, 9:31 AM by John Verbaas   [ updated Nov 5, 2020, 9:33 AM ]
The NCC has once again been tasked to conduct a Study on the National Capital Region's interprovincial transportation challenges.   The current study appears to have a broader scope than the last 2007-2013 study.  Rather than being focused narrowly on 'where to build a new bridge' the current study is to look at the big picture and to suggest potentially a portfolio of solutions that may include transit, cycling, peak demand management, as well as potential new road infrastructure.  The Study is to have multiple stages of public consultation and wrap up by mid-2021.

This new Study has been preceeded by a Study released in Spring 2020 which 'refreshed' the technical analyses of the 2007-2013 Study.  "Refresh' means to look at what might have changed since then in terms of the natural environment, the transportation network, new buildings, etc that require updates to the 2007-2013 Study.  These changes have been documented and in general the changes were fairly minor.  Link to the Refresh Study.

One thing the 'Refresh Study' did not attempt was to perform any analysis of current interprovincial crossing traffic and congestion levels in order to understand how those might have changed in the past 10 years.  This would seem to be pretty important information needed for any future analysis. 

The first stage of public consultations is focused on the Study's guiding principles and on what evaluation criteria are to be used to evaluate the pros and cons of multiple possible future scenarios.  Further details on this 2020 Interprovincial Crossings Study are available at the NCC website.