Bridge Corridors

The diagram below  gives a high level overview of the three shortlisted corridor locations in the 2007-2013 Interprovincial Crossings Study.  A brief written description of the work involved in constructing these corridors is provided below the picture as well as a link to a Google maps version which can be used to zoom in for greater detail or to see street level views.

The 3 corridors are referred to often as follows:

Corridor 5:  Kettle Island            Corridor 6: Lower Duck           Corridor 7: Gatineau Airport / Mclaurin Bay

Here is a link to a Google maps view of the three corridors. (note the corridor lines on this map are approximate. By putting them on Google maps it is possible to zoom in to greater levels of depth as well as see satellite views of the area).

April 2012 Update:  The Study Partners have now posted detailed diagrams of the preferred routing each of the 3 candidate bridge locations.  These large size detailed files are available for viewing and download at this website:

For Corridor 5, Kettle Island the work would include: 

For Corridor 6, Lower Duck Island, the work would include: 

For Corridor 7, Gatineau Airport/McLaurin Bay, the work would include: 

The scope of work for Phase 2 of the EA would involve environmental analysis of the three corridors, comparative analysis and evaluation, selection of the recommended corridor including proposed mitigation measures to reduce any negative environmental effects, and seeking of appropriate environmental approvals.

Alternative Bridge Corridors:

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