2007-2013 Interprovincial Bridge Study

Sustainable Solutions was heavily involved in the public consultations during the 2007-2013 interprovincial crossings study. This study was terminated in 2013 with the withdrawal of the Ontario Government from participation in further proposed phases of the Study.

This page provides links to material created during that time and is intended to record those activities for future reference.


A study team led by the NCC studied three bridge corridors east of the MacDonald-Cartier Bridge during 2007-2013. A new bridge was to address three requirements:

  • Adding peak hour vehicular capacity
  • Providing a new route across the Ottawa River for heavy trucks
  • Provide an arterial connection between Hwy 417 and Autoroutes 5/50

Simultaneously meeting these requirements in a satisfactory manner with one bridge is likely not possible

Sustainable Solutions' view is that the most critical problem to be solved is the provision of a new truck route / solution to the Ottawa downtown Interprovincial truck problem. Our view is that:

  • Selecting any of the three proposed bridge corridors would most likely to spread the existing truck problem to more communities without even fully solving the problem downtown
  • Other alternatives exist that have better potential to solve the truck problem, but these had been prematurely rejected in the study
  • We should not spend 1.1B$ (the 2013 cost estimate for a bridge) of taxpayers’ money and not solve the critical truck problem

Sustainable Solutions is a networking organization of community associations and other citizens’ groups, with the following goals:

  • finding a solution to the long term problem of thousands of heavy trucks per day transiting through Ottawa's downtown communities
  • not spreading the truck problem to other neighbourhoods
  • encouraging public transit and other sustainable transportation modes as the primary solution to peak rush hour congestion rather than enabling more automobile commuting

Quick Facts: Truck Problem and Peak Hour Traffic Congestion Statistics

2007-2013 Study Milestones/Timelines Overview

2011-2013 Study Phase 2B Details

The Top 3 Ranked Bridge Corridors Described

Challenges/Critique of Proposed Bridge Options

Record of Sustainable Solutions' Activities

During 2010 Sustainable Solutions collaborated with a number of other community groups to co-sign together the following jointly worded statement as part of our advocacy work during the Interprovincial Crossings Study.

2010 Community Group's 'Joint Statement'