Inquiry re. Truck Movement Projections

Post date: Nov 22, 2012 4:15:58 PM

In the Oct 2012 Transportation Committee meeting, Councilor Fleury (Rideau-Vanier) made the following Inquiry re. Truck Movements to City Staff. The written response was received at the Nov 2012 Transportation Committee Meeting.

Councilor Fleury wanted to know why the transportation study truck analysis being performed in Phase 2B of the East end bridge study did not analyze any scenario that involved shifting the majority of non-local trucks away from both the Macdonald-Cartier AND Chaudiere bridges to a new planned crossing. He also was seeking guarantees that if King Edward Ave was removed from the truck route network (as is currently documented in the City's Official Plan), that this would not result in a large increase of trucks on the Chaudiere's bridge.

The response did not seem to answer either of these questions. It downplayed the importance of shifting trucks out of the downtown (this is only 1 of the 9 goals of a new bridge) and on the question of protecting the Chaudiere bridge from a large increase in truck volumes, the answer was to wait for the Phase 2B study to publish their "mitigation measures" at some time in the future.