NCC publishes addendum for truck study in phase 2B

Post date: Sep 29, 2010 8:52:28 PM

[NCC press release] Sep 29, 2010: An addendum to the Study Design Report for the Future Interprovincial Crossings in the National Capital Region has been prepared in response to public comments received and the motions passed by the City of Ottawa Council. This addendum involves changes to Appendix B, Analysis of Truck Traffic and Analysis of Traffic Safety. Follow this link to view a copy of the Phase 2B truck study addendum.

Editors' Note: One of the main elements of this addendum is the commitment to study the economic implications of diverting trucks to an eastern corridor including consultation with affected business groups. Different scenarios of truck diversions will be studied. Ie. with the current King Edward / Rideau / Waller corridor still open to trucks or with all trucks banned from the downtown.

Sustainable Solutions was heavily involved with Ottawa City Councillors to move the motions referred to in the NCC's press release above.