Ph2B Round 1 Public Consultation Final Report Released

Post date: Feb 28, 2012 5:02:50 PM

The final report of the Round 1 Public Consultations has finally been posted on the project website some 6 months or so after the consultations were completed.

Of particular interest to Sustainable Solutions were the meetings of the Stakeholder's Group which was to include representatives from the business and trucking communities. The Canadian Trucking Alliance and the Association du Cammionage du Quebec are listed as invitees to the Stakeholder's Group, however neither attended the meeting nor is there any record of any written feedback provided by the representatives of the trucking community.

One of the requirements of the Ph2B study as outlined in this addendum, is that the trucking and business communities' are to be consulted.

After the first round of consultations it does not appear that the Study is any closer to fulfilling its requirements to analyze the impact to goods movement of the different corridors and various potential changes to truck route designations.

Further requirements on trucking and business impact analysis requirements as laid out in the addendum to the Phase 2B study are:

The wait goes on.