Phase 2B Transportation Report - Truck Analysis

Post date: Jun 14, 2012 6:17:15 PM

A draft version of the Phase 2B Transportation Report (20Mb) has recently been released as part of the 2nd round of Phase 2B public consultations. Sustainable Solutions had input into the Study Design in Ph2A with particular attention to be paid to analysis in this report of inter-provincial trucking operations should a new bridge be built. In general we have find that the trucking analysis that has been provided is light on details. No origin-destination survey has been performed and so too little is known about inter-provincial truck movements and how they would be impacted under various scenarios that would involve the availability of a new bridge. Furthermore, it appears that the scenarios envisioned in the future involve either a shifting of a large proportion of additional trucks to the Chaudiere bridge, or envision a future (2031) where the total number of trucks on Rideau/King Edward streets are not much less than what is experienced today. In all scenarios more than 50% of all inter-provincial trucks continue to use downtown as a through-route.

To see more details, consult this Trucking Report Memo which we have produced to summarize the key data from the report.