Joint Statement

In 2010 Sustainable Solutions received support from over a dozen community associations and other citizen’s groups in Ontario and Quebec by way of signing this Joint Statement.

The following community groups/organizations have been signatories of the Joint Statement:

  1. Action Sandy Hill
  2. Beacon Hill Community Association
  3. Blackburn Hamlet Community Association
  4. Cardinal Glen Community Association
  5. Centretown Citizens Community Association
  6. City Centre Coalition
  7. Common Sense Crossings
  8. CREDDO - Conseil régional de l'environnement et du développement durable de l'Outaouais
  9. Fairhaven Community Association
  10. The Friends of the Greenspace Alliance
  11. The Greenbelt Coalition
  12. Local Eco-Action Families (LEAF)
  13. Manor Park Community Association
  14. Queenswood Heights Community Association
  15. Rockliffe Mews/Carson Grove Residents Association
  16. Transport Action Canada

For more information on “Sustainable Solutions/Solutions durables” and how your community can add its voice to our efforts, please send us an e-mail at